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Bicycle Parking Facilities

As I rode about on a fun ride earlier in the week, I passed a small parade of shops and it got me thinking about the practicality of using the bike for short trips, instead of the car. Leaving aside the matter of cycling infrastructure on roads which is, of course, often cited as a big deterrent for new/unconfident riders

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Early Signs of Improvement

It has been six weeks since I bought my bike, and I’ve been clocking up the miles since then. It may not be a lot to many seasoned cyclists, but for me, the 170 mile figure I’m currently at (give or take a few) is something to be pleased with. Rather too early on, on 1 June, after having the

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Launching the New Site

Welcome to my new blog, detailing my bicycling adventures! Well, I say adventures – you’re not going to get touring holidays, centuries (imperial or metric), sportives, competitions et cetera here. At least, not in the near to mid future – this will be more of an exploratory nature over relatively small distances for the time being. I’m returning cyclist who,

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