A Happy Final Conclusion to the Swytch Saga

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Back in April, I wrote about my experiences with Swytch – a company which brought an electric cycle conversion kit to market with the USP that it was easy to switch between an electric and regular cycle thanks to a simple docking mechanism. The article was less than complimentary, detailing the unfortunate issues I’d had with the product and company at the time.

My last dealings with Swytch were nearly a year ago now, back in October 2019. By the time I’d written my piece, I’d pretty much given up on a proper conclusion but thanks to a number of comments on that article since publication, I was recently considering re-opening the matter. I was surprised then when a couple of days ago, I received an email totally out of the blue from the CEO of Swytch Technology, Oliver Montague, with an apology as well as a promise of a full refund, and an offer to try their new Swytch kit free of charge.

I promised back in April that if there were developments on this story, I would happily provide an update with a statement from Swytch. To that end, this is the email I received:

Dear Ben,

I hope you’re well and keeping safe.

I’m getting in touch as I would like to offer you a personal apology for your previous experience with Swytch, which I believe was mis-handled by myself, and my Customer Service team.

Until this year, we were a very small company with a team of just a few people, and a very limited customer service department. As a result, I’m afraid that in some cases, including yours, we misunderstood the issue and offered the wrong solutions to customers.

This year we are investing significantly in our customer service team so that we can provide excellent customer service as well as an excellent product.

I hope you’ll accept my apology, as well as the offer of a full refund, and the opportunity to receive one of our new PRO kits free of charge so you can let us know what you think of the improved product! Regards, Oliver

Oliver Montague, CEO, Swytch Technology

Whilst I decided not to take up the offer of the new kit as I still just want to put the whole situation behind me, I am delighted to confirm that Oliver’s promise of the full refund has been fulfilled and the matter is now concluded!

Despite what has happened, I want to thank Oliver for doing the right thing and getting in touch after so much time has passed to put this matter right. One day, I may decide to look again at what they have to offer because as I’ve said before, the core idea is a good one. In the meantime however, I wish the best for the company and hope that from here on, it delivers compelling and reliable products with excellent customer support leading to a thriving business.

As this resolves the issue, this update will be made prominently visible on the original article. Commenting is now disabled on both articles as I don’t want this site to become a place to pile on against Swytch. If anyone else has experienced issues with their kits, please contact the company to seek a resolution.

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