Completely Clueless Drivers

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It seems some days drivers can be the best in the world, other days they’re clueless morons. Today seemed to be the latter.

I decided to take a ride to the neighbouring town which involves a short stretch of 50mph dual-carriageway, which has two lanes for a significant portion. And it was in this portion that I suffered two close passes.

The worst of these was by the driver of a Royal Mail lorry who overtook at speed without making an attempt to cross over to the right-hand lane – presumably because there was a vehicle already there and the driver was incapable of adjusting his speed to accommodate that fact – he’d rather just squeeze past me. But hey, at least his left indicator worked which he flicked on as he completed the overtake – hardly worthwhile considering his vehicle barely crossed the lane divider.

The next pass was by a red van and whilst the smaller vehicle on the wide road was less intimidating, he still failed to make any effort to leave the required 1.5m gap between me and his vehicle by changing lanes. His mission was obviously to ensure he got to the red light as soon as possible, where I promptly caught up with him and congratulated his success with a polite ‘well done’ (he repaid my complement with the finger – charming chap!).

Drivers, remember to give those on bicycles as much space as you would do a car when overtaking. That means changing lanes. If you cannot safely change lanes and cannot leave the required 1.5m distance, do not overtake. Hang back and wait for an opportunity.

It’s really not rocket science.

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