Dangerous Overtake at a Pinch Point

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Two for the price of one in this short video.

The first car started off so well, giving me loads of room. However, it may have been a little too much space, and perhaps a little too fast, as the car nearly doesn’t make it back to the left lane before an encounter with the traffic island.

The second overtake, immediately after, is the dangerous one from my perspective, where the white Fiesta squeezed through at the same island, leaving me very little space. Certainly, this was nowhere near the 1.5m clearance that drivers should give.

I did think the driver was in a hurry, not that it would excuse his behaviour. However, after I shouted at him, he slowed down, wasting his precious time. Well, if he can wait around a bit then, why not wait until a safe overtaking opportunity arises?


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