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Left Hooked by Distracted Driver

Cycling along the A444 Weddington Road, Nuneaton when a driver cut across my path to turn into the petrol station, forcing me to brake heavily to avoid a collision.

Speaking to the driver, he admitted he was distracted by another vehicle. He was very apologetic, hence why I’ve blurred his registration and face. Hopefully it will be a mistake that he won’t make a second time.

This highlights the importance of drivers (and indeed all road users) to not get distracted and be fully aware of what is going on around the vehicle. Never overtake a slower moving vehicle when intending to turn left (in the UK, right in other countries) and always check mirrors to check it is safe to move before signalling and making the manoeuvre.

It also highlights the need for proper cycling infrastructure. With a protected cycle lane here, the entrance to the petrol station could be narrower and at a sharper angle, forcing a slower and more considered turn by drivers.


MGIF: Pinch-point Overtake

The white car decides a great place to overtake a cyclist would be at a traffic island. The pass here is close enough that I could reach out and touch the car if I was so inclined.

Close passes like this are inexcusable regardless of where the driver is going, but to make this worse, he then takes the right turn where he has to wait for a gap in the traffic and I catch him up.

If he had hung back through the traffic island, to the right-turn lane, he would have lost no time whatsoever, making the overtake not only dangerous but completely pointless.

From a personal learning point, in these situations I need to be more assertive in taking the lane to prevent the overtake in the first place. That doesn’t excuse the poor driving though.