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Bike Ride (24km/15mi): Nuneaton – Higham on the Hill – Fenny Drayton – Nuneaton


  • Start on the Coventry Canal heading north through Nuneaton (NCR52)
  • Stay on NCR52, leaving the canal at Tuttle Hill, and joining Stoney Road (private access for motor vehicles). Pass under two railway bridges.
  • Join Weddington Walk – a left turn immediately after the second railway bridge (there is a small, easy to miss blue NCR52 sign on the left).
  • Follow Weddington Walk, crossing the A444, up to and under the A5.
  • Turn right immediately after passing under the A5 bridge.
  • Turn left on to Wood Lane, a quiet country road, towards Higham on the Hill.
  • Arrive at Higham on the Hill where Wood Lane becomes Main Street.
  • Continue through Higham on the Hill, to a roundabout. Take the first exit, Stoke Lane.
  • Continue on Stoke Lane until arriving at a crossroads. Take the left turn for Higham Fields Lane.
  • At the end of Higham Fields Lane (a T-junction with a white sign post), turn left on to Upton Lane.
  • At the end of Upton Lane (a T-junction), turn left on to Fenn Lanes.
  • At the end of Fenn Lanes (a T-junction), turn left on to the A444, then immediately take the right turn for Old Forge Road into Fenny Drayton.
  • Take the right turn for Drayton Lane (signposted for Atherstone).
  • At the end of Drayton Lane (a T-junction), turn left on to the A5, then take the right turn for Woodford Lane.
  • At the end of Woodford Lane, pass under the railway bridge, then follow the road round to the left, Nuneaton Road, B4111.
  • Nuneaton Road is quite a climb and is busy with large vehicles. There is a footpath alongside it, which I used to walk part of this section. Follow the road into Mancetter, where it becomes Mancetter Road.
  • At the end of Mancetter Road (a T-junction), turn left on to Tuttle Hill, B4114.
  • This is a good downhill, where 30mph is easily achievable. Follow this road as it turns into Corporation Street.
  • At the end of Corporation Street, cross the roundabout with the Roanne Ringway (A444) and take the second exit on to Powell Way.
  • Follow the road round to the right, then take a left on to Abbey Street where this route ends.