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Urban Cycle Ride – Bedworth, Coventry and Bulkington

An 8x speed-run of a recent cycle ride from Bedworth, to Coventry Canal Basin, to Bulkington.

This ride starts on the National Cycle Network route 52, which quickly fizzles out. It’s predominantly urban, but does visit the Coventry Canal, and ends after a stretch on the rural B4109 out of the city to Bulkington.

Early Signs of Improvement

It has been six weeks since I bought my bike, and I’ve been clocking up the miles since then. It may not be a lot to many seasoned cyclists, but for me, the 170 mile figure I’m currently at (give or take a few) is something to be pleased with.

Rather too early on, on 1 June, after having the bike a little more than a week, I decided it would be a good idea to attempt the run from Nuneaton to Coventry and back – a round trip of what worked out as about 24 miles. Today, I decided to repeat the run, as a point of comparison, to decide whether I’m noticing any early improvements.

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