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Bike Ride: Nuneaton to Rugby

Last week, I decided to embark on a ride from Nuneaton to Rugby – not the longest ride I’ve done yet (that’s the 72km/45mi Leicester ride last year, so far), but still an objective I’ve wanted to do for a long time but hadn’t got around to. There was no particular reason for the trip to be made on the day I did it, other than I hadn’t done many longer rides this year so far, the weather was nice, and I had no work in – so, why not?

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My Ride to Leicester

Today marked a milestone in my cycling adventures – I rode to Leicester for the first time, which also marked the first time exceeding 40 miles and the first time exceeding 70 kilometres! An exciting day, indeed.

Leicester has been on my radar for a long time, in fact, since before I got my bike. When I was first exploring cycle options in late 2016, early 2017, I was interested in electric bikes and came across the E-Bike Centre. I was wondering about the possibility of cycling back with a new bike at the time, but decided it was probably a bad idea for my maiden ride, even with electric assist.

So, why did the ride to (and back from) Leicester occur today? Well, two weeks ago I hit my then personal best for distance at 37.5 miles. I knew Leicester would be a bit over the 40 mile mark and so, it seemed like a good next step. Also, the city holds an Open Streets event on the last Sunday of every month which I’d seen advertised on Twitter. I thought it would be good to see what was going on (more later). So, with a nice sunny day, I set out on my expedition. Continue reading

Urban Cycle Ride – Bedworth, Coventry and Bulkington

An 8x speed-run of a recent cycle ride from Bedworth, to Coventry Canal Basin, to Bulkington.

This ride starts on the National Cycle Network route 52, which quickly fizzles out. It’s predominantly urban, but does visit the Coventry Canal, and ends after a stretch on the rural B4109 out of the city to Bulkington.

Cycle To Work Day

Despite having absolutely no need to commute to work, with it being Cycle To Work Day today, I took the bike out at just after 8am and went for a twenty minute ride in the spirit of the event.

Riding at this time of day – a work day (obviously), during rush-hour when schools are back after the summer break, and choosing busier roads – is a real eye-opener compared to my normal leisure rides. Drivers are rushed, impatient, inattentive or just plain bullish in their attitudes. I’ve experience this before, of course, but it seems much more so this time.

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Park to Park Bike Ride (7.1km/4.4mi)

This 4.4 mile (one way) route features predominantly roads and a canal gravel path.


  • Start at Riversley Park, Nuneaton.
  • Cycle through the park, towards the railway line.
  • Walk through the tunnel, leaving Riversley Park.
  • Pass Pingles Sports Centre and Stadium on your right. 
  • Take the road leaving the car park. Head straight on at the traffic lights, crossing Avenue Road.
  • Leave the road and join the path into the common.
  • Immediately take the right turn into Dunns Close.
  • At the end of Dunns Close, turn left onto Caldwell Road.
  • Immediately take the right turn onto Triton Road (a short hill).
  • At the end of Triton Road, go through the barrier to the Coventry Canal (NCR52) and turn left towards Bedworth and Coventry.
  • Continue along the canal to Marston Junction.
  • Leave the canal here and take a right turn onto Marston Lane, over the humped bridge (take care on the bridge due to poor visibility to the other side.)
  • Continue along Marston Lane (a bit of a hill here), crossing one mini-roundabout, to the end of the road.
  • Turn left at the end, joining Leicester Road.
  • Continue a short way down Leicester Road to a roundabout. Take the first exit on to Rye Piece Ringway.
  • Continue down Rye Piece Ringway (a nice descent followed by a bit of a climb) to a roundabout. Cross the roundabout, second exit.
  • Take the first left after the roundabout.
  • Continue ahead, into the park where this route ends.

Note: There are restrictions on cycling within the Miners’ Welfare Park itself.

Bike Ride (24km/15mi): Nuneaton – Higham on the Hill – Fenny Drayton – Nuneaton


  • Start on the Coventry Canal heading north through Nuneaton (NCR52)
  • Stay on NCR52, leaving the canal at Tuttle Hill, and joining Stoney Road (private access for motor vehicles). Pass under two railway bridges.
  • Join Weddington Walk – a left turn immediately after the second railway bridge (there is a small, easy to miss blue NCR52 sign on the left).
  • Follow Weddington Walk, crossing the A444, up to and under the A5.
  • Turn right immediately after passing under the A5 bridge.
  • Turn left on to Wood Lane, a quiet country road, towards Higham on the Hill.
  • Arrive at Higham on the Hill where Wood Lane becomes Main Street.
  • Continue through Higham on the Hill, to a roundabout. Take the first exit, Stoke Lane.
  • Continue on Stoke Lane until arriving at a crossroads. Take the left turn for Higham Fields Lane.
  • At the end of Higham Fields Lane (a T-junction with a white sign post), turn left on to Upton Lane.
  • At the end of Upton Lane (a T-junction), turn left on to Fenn Lanes.
  • At the end of Fenn Lanes (a T-junction), turn left on to the A444, then immediately take the right turn for Old Forge Road into Fenny Drayton.
  • Take the right turn for Drayton Lane (signposted for Atherstone).
  • At the end of Drayton Lane (a T-junction), turn left on to the A5, then take the right turn for Woodford Lane.
  • At the end of Woodford Lane, pass under the railway bridge, then follow the road round to the left, Nuneaton Road, B4111.
  • Nuneaton Road is quite a climb and is busy with large vehicles. There is a footpath alongside it, which I used to walk part of this section. Follow the road into Mancetter, where it becomes Mancetter Road.
  • At the end of Mancetter Road (a T-junction), turn left on to Tuttle Hill, B4114.
  • This is a good downhill, where 30mph is easily achievable. Follow this road as it turns into Corporation Street.
  • At the end of Corporation Street, cross the roundabout with the Roanne Ringway (A444) and take the second exit on to Powell Way.
  • Follow the road round to the right, then take a left on to Abbey Street where this route ends.