About Bicycle Ben

I returned to riding a bicycle in 2017, for the first time in about 20 years when I bought my Merida hybrid bicycle from a local bike shop. Being in a single car household with no desire to get a second car, the bike has become my primary method of local transport in and around Nuneaton, Warwickshire – and a great way to get out and about and keep fit through longer rides.

However, I do suffer from restricted movement in my right knee and this does make for an interesting pedaling experience whereby I need to remove the foot from the pedal at its apex. This means a little less power is available to me, so I don’t go in for cycling clubs, try for any meaningful speed records or anything competitive. I’m just a regular run-of-the-mill rider of a bicycle – although perhaps one day I might want to try slow cycle touring, and I do monitor my own personal stats on Strava. This is more for personal motivation – seeing distances get longer or personal average speeds get slightly higher is a nice encouragement on the fitness side of things.

A particular focus of mine today though is local and national infrastructure. I know how poor the UK is in general (excepting a few isolated examples of excellence) and also how good it could be when looking at Dutch infrastructure. With family connections to Holland, I see frequently just how prolific and easy cycling is there, and look to the country as a beacon for what infrastructure could and should look like here too. With that in mind, I am regularly writing to my MP and local politicians, looking for improvements to local infrastructure, both small and large – anything that can make cycling that little bit easier and more attractive.

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