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My Cycling Year 2020

It goes without saying that 2020 has been an extraordinary year, one that started amongst the rumblings of concerns about a virus that was sweeping across Asia and breaking into Italy, and that quickly turned into a global crisis of the likes that few of us have experienced before. January was rung in as normal but within a few weeks,

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Be Bright, Be Seen

Warwickshire Country Council’s Road Safety Education and Active Travel team sent out this victim-blaming message today on Facebook and Twitter. It’s a fairly common communication that can be seen from a variety of sources at this time of year, encouraging people who may be walking, scooting or cycling to dress up in bright, high-vis and reflective clothing to aid their

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The Image that Tarnished a Reputation

Over the last couple of days, tweets from @Trafficwmp – the account for the traffic unit of West Midlands Police – have caused quite a stir amongst cyclists, active travel proponents and road safety campaigners. The source tweet and image suggests the benefits of wearing high visibility clothing during the darker months for improved road safety. So, what’s wrong with

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Major Changes for Nuneaton’s Ring Road Lack Vision

News broke today about Warwickshire County Council’s plans for alterations to Nuneaton’s short ring road as part of the Transforming Nuneaton project. Changes include the removal of a roundabout, road widening, junction alteration, and the removal of the one-way system around the station. Major changes to this road are needed – but as they stand, they fall short of the

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Swytch E-Bike Conversion Kit

A Happy Final Conclusion to the Swytch Saga

Back in April, I wrote about my experiences with Swytch – a company which brought an electric cycle conversion kit to market with the USP that it was easy to switch between an electric and regular cycle thanks to a simple docking mechanism. The article was less than complimentary, detailing the unfortunate issues I’d had with the product and company

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Responding to the ‘My Town Nuneaton’ Consultation

Nuneaton is one of the towns that has been selected to receive money from the government’s Towns Fund, under the Towns Investment Plan, to develop regeneration proposals. The Borough Council has been calling for comments from residents on five key areas where the fund can be put to use: Local transport Digital connectivity Urban regeneration Arts, culture and heritage Skills.

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(Updated) Warwickshire Council Squanders Funding Opportunity

Update: 05 July 2020 Since publishing this article yesterday, it has now been all but confirmed in a tweet by Cllr Damon Brown (Exhall, Conservative, NBBC) that temporary measures were scuppered by Cllr Jeff Clarke, Warwickshire Council Portfolio Holder for Transport and Planning and Conservative councillor for Nuneaton East. Talking about an as-yet undetailed change to a rural bridge on

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Shire Hall, Warwick (CC BY 2.0 - Elliott Brown)

Warwickshire County Council Responds to Request for Emergency Walking and Cycling Infrastructure Plans

Warwickshire County Council have given an initial response to my request for details about their plans to incorporate new temporary infrastructure to support walking and cycling throughout the county, following the announcement by the government that emergency funds would be made available to authorities around the country. The county has been allocated a total of £1.38bn from the Government’s scheme,

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